Wednesday, January 10, 2018

dec 2017, trying to start the ole blog up again. Last post of 2017.

Central Park near Strawberry Fields.
What a great trip. Saw so much art, jewelry, ate delicious food and walked, navigated subways. saw a play, enjoyed the Christmas store windows, decorations and the Rockerfeller
Plaza Christmas tree.

 3 of my favorite pieces done this year. New Years Eve always a good time to reflect. Mostly looking forward. New ideas and directions for my work and my everyday life.
That's about all that's left in my office. Starting 2018, I will be going to Sertoma Art Center everyday running a much smaller jewelry program. Mostly enameling, cold joining and alternative materials. I welcome the challenge, it will definitely be different. I have been working at Pullen for 20 years. I will miss being there but am excited about the new jewelry studio that will be the result of the renovation. I have been trying to teach myself enameling since that will be a focus of the new program.
This was hard to do,
a step up from sifting on a disc. Not sure what direction the enameling will go but I enjoy the process, the drawing, the color selecting, mostly the enamels are treated like gemstones set in my favorite design formats.

This painting by David Hockney is such a great color pallet. Always looking around for ideas and inspirations in this department.
 this was summer : Wrightsville Beach

fall : Shenandoah Valley
spring : New Orleans

Winter :NYC

Saturday, March 11, 2017

update.almost spring ,tho i started this in the fall of 2016

Clearly November-Feb was a blur, if you erase politics. This blog never got posted. And since this blog is about jewelry and the things that inspire me,  I will blame the political distraction for my remiss. Finally trying to get back on track. Actually this old post reminded me of my attempts to stage my jewelry for the shop section of my website. Within the next few days I will have posted the  pieces I have left as I am aiming for a new collection this year.

Since I'm getting ready to update my website, I wanted to also get my blog in sinc with what I'm doing. The date for closing Pullen for renovation has changed to November 2017.  My first co-curated exhibit is hanging now at Pullen, "My Precious: an Exploration of Materiality in Contemporary Jewelry."
Fun trips to NYC, Vermont and Philadelphia, DC & Richmond , all art related. I will be teaching a class at the NC Museum of Art, Simple Metal, Cold Joined, Silhouette Brooch using The current Venetian Renaissance Art Show as a point of reference.

Fall 2016 post
Unique, wearable, timeless the new three words I'm using to describe my jewelry. Summers gone, Fall is here. Had the last Larkspur last summer I will miss that show. Went to the beach several times and really lucked out on good weather. Though it was such a hot summer, my grass is finally growing and I've completed my fence. This was a summer of organizing and purging and dealing with rearranging households to accommodate extra furniture and new living situations. I just participated in the Bluegrass Art Market in downtown Raleigh, Very well attended, next up CDC, Concord and Boylan Art Walk. Work at Pullen full steam with preparations for renovating. Still have a great lineup of workshops and shows before the April 30, 2017 closing. The new building and jewelry studio will be fabulous. So now to try and sum up the time that's gone by in pictures.
And so the cycle continues

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

May Post

back of pin wheel brooch
Halstead Challenge Brooch
This show will be at the Blue Spiral Gallery during the SNAG conference in Asheville
swap pins in the making

New work for Larkspur

Saturday, January 2, 2016

belated fall and chritmas post. Today it feels like Winter.

Haven't been keeping up with blog lately, mostly because I switched websites and need to be doing blog there instead. Using Square space now, slowly getting that all together This blog is more like a journal for me I think I have been keeping it for about 5 years now. It allows me to keep track of events and things as they happen. October, Nov and December all ran together. Full of workshops at Pullen, a hurricane that altered my show season. New photography, new work and new galleries. Home show in Charlotte,  kitchen renovation, baby shower, trip to Boston, Brevard and Asheville. All fun and so nice to reunite with old friends.

George and I cooked this Christmas, mostly warmed up but none the less spent alot of time in the  kitchen
Added a snow owl to our christmas tree

My favorite pictures from the fall
the warm wet fall created alot of this on downed branches
more fungi
little gem like leaves

The shows were good I appreciate all the support, from customers, friends and family. Thank you !
Christmas eve walk on beach
New display idea

I truly enjoyed watching this tree this fall it is a Ginko Tree at Pullen being protected during the construction that is going on right now.

Jennifer's maple tree, We went to Asheville during leaf season. Raleigh had a pretty spectacular show going on here. I heard a Bob Dylan line today that said "Don't keep looking at the house across the street and thinking its paradise".

Decided to bring back the "sexy earring" this winter Jennifer wears it well
all grown up 2 now
necklace to match coming

Still blooming
Christmas full moon
Star Wars
Devin graduates mfa this spring
Mitsie portrait

We actually stayed up past midnight... here's to a Happy New Year, hopefully healthy and mixed with adventure and meaningful good times. Peace to you in 2016

Saturday, October 31, 2015

More Bliss shots for "look book"

Sticks n' Stones
Spokes and Ring
Classic Pearl Drop
This is my first time working with a model. I chose work that is wearable and can easily be worn by any age person. The work is classic not trendy somewhat organic with an industrial rugged touch. Most of my work includes patterns and or texture. I have elaborated on the sticks and stones line. New colors and new designs, incorporating bigger stones, and I plan to rename this collection the "Bliss " collection, These pieces will be at Carolina Designer Crafts Fair which will be held at the convention center  in downtown Raleigh this Fri, Saturday and Sunday. Come see me in booth D-3 This will be my first year with a corner booth. I have new work and always enjoy the response these pieces get :)