Saturday, October 31, 2015

More Bliss shots for "look book"

Sticks n' Stones
Spokes and Ring
Classic Pearl Drop
This is my first time working with a model. I chose work that is wearable and can easily be worn by any age person. The work is classic not trendy somewhat organic with an industrial rugged touch. Most of my work includes patterns and or texture. I have elaborated on the sticks and stones line. New colors and new designs, incorporating bigger stones, and I plan to rename this collection the "Bliss " collection, These pieces will be at Carolina Designer Crafts Fair which will be held at the convention center  in downtown Raleigh this Fri, Saturday and Sunday. Come see me in booth D-3 This will be my first year with a corner booth. I have new work and always enjoy the response these pieces get :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

some shots from photo shoot with Bliss

slide locket
ring, necklace, and hoop earring

ebony and gold choker

More of these to come in my "look book". I am slowly trying to get my images to my new website. I am now  Hopefully I will eventually figure out how to coordinate all these
network sites.  But for now it was great seeing the jewelry being worn and photographed with a model. Becky Parker did the photography and she was also very nice to work with.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Lesson learned Sept/October

Started out feeling good about the focus. Truly put all my eggs in one basket. Sort of backfired. Cancelled show due to Rain. The good side, got the ball rolling and some new work done . Had a fashion shoot with model wearing my jewelry. That was exciting, the photos will be on my new website  under "Look Book" Got new images made on a white background. So all in all, though I was so looking forward to branch out and try a  different audience, a lot of good things have come from the pressure of getting ready for a show. Reinforces the idea of how unpredictable things can be. Here's a peek at some of the new work.
Brought back the rosemary
Slide Lockets
and a few surprises

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


and the living is easy, a few of my favorite things for July heading into August
kayaking down the Neuse
 this little sugar fired enameled piece, feels like the beach
new bracelets in the works
sterling version of commission
becoming a favorite bracelet, accompanied with basil which grew like crazy on my deck this summer
the complete set 18 k gold plated over silver  "vermeil"
Drunk bee sucking the life out of cone flower, for some reason I can't get them to grow... though  I try every year.
sugar fired
orchid silhouette
kitchen window with black eyed susan
Scarf I started 25 years ago finishing last block of green
lots of butterflies this year
So been wanting to redo my website, but of course not now! Lost my website, it  expired unnoticed and someone bought it in hopes to resell it to me...Well, I will be  starting over gathering images and info for a new sqaure space design. I am trying to keep the name similar:
Once in a Blue Moon

one more trip to the beach,   Lots more jewelry to be made, getting ready for a photo shoot of jewelry on models, a first for me.
Australian Boulder opals, simply elegant

Thursday, July 2, 2015

better late than never

Loved Boston saw so many great things, saw an old friend hadn't seen in years. Saw fabulous jewelry. Walked and walked, really enjoyed the public transportation, the museums, historical sights, public art, beautiful parks  and quaint neighborhoods. The SNAG conference is always stimulating, thought provoking, and entertaining....  Got right back to an Anne Havel workshop. which was super, Larkspur Show which was great. Lovely weather, big crowds. Then a trip to Manteo's  College of Albremarle and Pocossin. Studying ideas for future of Pullen Art Center. Followed by hosting a workshop with Ben Dyer, doing cold forging, also excellent and well received. A fathers day trip to mountains again visiting with college pals our dear friends Jo and Bill  from Brevard. Now time to get back to work catch up with some commissions and start getting ready for fall shows. I will be doing a show this Fall in Wiiliamsburg called "An Occasion for the Arts" trying to branch out  a bit. My website disappeared, actually expired unnoticed so I'm having to get that redone.  And now its July. Lots of shark attacks in NC. second thinking swimming in ocean for now.  It has been extreamly hot. Heading that way next week so we will see. Plan on spending a good part of holiday weekend working in studio, as I have been distracted. I did get some new work started for Larkspur and those pieces are ready to be  expanded apon.
Boston Museum of Fine Arts
Swan Boats
Edgar Alan Poe
pop up
pop up
Gallery Walk

At The Commons
Neighborhood street Mural
Boston Harbor
Stuart Davis,  this painting is so much better in person than a photo in a book- exquisite
Robin and Betty best buds from way back, Chowan College days:)
this is a brooch selfie K Osgood brooch pin swap (i owe her one0
15th year at Larkspur
Brevard Fathers Day

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

May, trip to Charlotte, Mint Museum and The Beckler

Recycled necklace by Bob Ebendorf

Charlotte downtown
Book illustration by George Braque

Hand  carved, wood, amazing detail
Mint Museum, jewelry by Miriam Hiller

Jamie Bennett
Bob Ebendorf

 New work by me for Creative Metalsmith &getting ready for Larkspur :)
Gardening has begun