Sunday, March 1, 2015

january brrrrrrr , Feb.. March 1......

Samples and work by Jessica Calderwood
Several days of this
outdoor light sculpture by Susan Cannon,
Demo piece from ECU Symposium by Kim Cridder

Two pieces from ECU Symposium that I liked, Check out Arthur Hash Blog for a great photo documentation of the event

Spring has got to be on its way

its really was February.... Had a great time at ECU symposium this year, lost our heat for a week, put up my first official trunk show and now settling into some projected goals for 2015.  Work more on selling the magic, get photos with a model, get photos on white background, make a major neckpiece, add two more shows to my year, fence the other side of yard, These seem doable. Its really cold outside, we may get a snow. planning a fall trip to Vermont. Jessica Calderwood workshop at Pullen and SNAg in Boston.......lots to sort through, better go one at a time. Got snow.  2 snow events later , and now its March.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

January on to new adventures.

Pet Portraits for animal cousins Quinn and Runner, done by Keith Norval
Studio visit with potter friend Brad Tucker
Baxter and his new Christmas toy
New Years Eve sparkle, jeweled purse belonging to mother of the bride
My fav photo of bride and groom , reminds me of a Hopper painting
What fun ringing in the new year, with Marion :)
                                                     All decorations put away till next year.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

December : Before its over

Baxter and Mitsie got the holidays going early this year by finding a box of ribbons. Glitter everywhere.They are definitely mischief makers.
Finally finished the "jewelry exchange" documentation. I traded with Llyn Strong from Greenville SC.
And the Christmas cactus bloomed
Mary Anne K. Jenkins had a special birthday party, hosted by her two children it was good to see her. And then the shows began ...Piedmont
New display. I like the colorful rug with the predominately, blacks and whites. Alot of new work.
"Heirloom Brooch", Rhodalite garnet, 18 k and oxidized silver
                                          flower necklace with handmade chain. From the series                                                                           "Clouds got in the Way". Things got a little dark
                                          and sad, RIP,  MTM Nov 25, 2014 just shy of 91.
                                          I will miss you Mom.

                                         And my cactus bloomed. We walked the beach,
Had thanksgiving, and next thing you know it was Christmas.
It's the eve of Christmas Eve. Ive embraced the season, watched Christmas movies, filled last minute orders, drank alot of Starbucks while out shopping, spent time with friends, somehow I haven't felt as stressed out and crazy as usual, just enjoying the quiet of the night. It's raining and cold outside. Enjoying our little tree with magenta balls.  Peace to all.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Monday, October 27, 2014

Something about this time of year

                                            Lots of new work, getting ready for fall shows
this photo was a happy iphone accident, wish I could actually figure out how to make that happen
My constant evolving display, show season started early this year.
Remembering the fall colors in the canyon
Last bloom of the season, out did it self this year
Finally got the chicken up, I think we worked on that for at least 2 years
                                            Baxter keeping his eye on the Jack o' Lantern

Friday, October 10, 2014


Last flowers of the summer
"Morning Glory" that Anne Terry gave to me.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Summer 2014

Steve Winwood and Tom Petty Concert.
I guess this is all old news.  Summer is over, it was good. The coast was delightful, the mountains were beautiful.

Significant birthday:)
Lots of abstract and introspective thinking. I'm ready for fall now.