Thursday, May 30, 2019

whew, that's all I can say.

This little cartoon became very important to me this year.  George suffered a very serious cardiac situation that forced us into future planning decision making, he retired, and suddenly our lives were supported with necessary medical intervention. You realize very quickly though your life as you know it has paused, life around you keeps on moving. Raleigh is growing like crazy, every where you look there is a construction site.
Finally getting home, from the hospital, the winter was cold and wet . Spring finally got here. Things became more normal. Work kept me grounded and it seemed like the little things were truly enough.
All the changes at home and work have been difficult for me to navigate.

I decided to set some goals for the year, a jewelry challenge helps me regroup, and the accountability keeps me focused. My goal was to make a body of work using my favorite tin. 5 months in and I'm trying new shapes and putting together some ideas I will be able to develop and replicate in other materials. I hope to see these colors and shapes in enameled pieces . There will be an exhibit of these pieces along with the other 5 Artists that are doing this challenge with me. 6x12=72

So all in all, I know how lucky George and I both are to have gotten through the first part of 2019. We are moving forward with things we weren't sure we would be able to do. He paints at Artspace daily, walks everywhere and started biking again..Im figuring out and finally settled in at Sertoma Art Center. Enjoyed a nice trip to the beach with family and pup. Baxter opted not to go.

Jojo's first swim in the sound, she is a natural, Dog walking in the neighborhood and on the many trails in the area remain a favorite activity.
Yep, taking charge and making decisions to enjoy the the ride.
Strut Show, my current obsession, probably the most involved event, I have done lately, started as an idea and grew into a reality, lots of team effort on this one.
Front yard reflecting , someone from Pullen gave me these Red Irises right before we closed, made me happy to see this bloom. Peering out through our maple tree. Grass is plenty green right here in my own front yard.

Life is good, lots of kind and supportive friends and family. A house full of animals and plenty of dreams and adventures to realize one day at a time.

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