Sunday, January 30, 2011

Beginning of New Studio

Here is the beginning of the big move. I got a little nervous when I saw the first wall of paint, pear green. Now that its done I love it. Its very happy, energizing and fresh feeling. We had to remove base boards and pull up carpet. It will be so nice to not have sawblades and little gemstones lost in burber. Next weekend we (mostly George) will put down oak pergo flooring. I will easily double my space. Hopefully Ill get rid of all the things Ive accumulated and don't really need. My current workspace is very cluttered and jam packed. Its really only suitable for one person and it pours into another room. Hopefully the move will help me reorganize and offer space for visitors.


  1. Betty, I enjoy viewing the earrings submitted weekly to your blog - very interesting and like the diverse styles of each artist. Can you put just a brief description of each earring - i.e. material, method, patina use.etc?

  2. ok Ill start doing that for month of feb thanks for reading anfd following the earring challenge