Friday, March 21, 2014

this was february somehow it didnt post. Feb & March blurred long winter.

River dwelling delux

College of the Albemarle Professional Arts Bldg

Barber Shop in Columbia NC

Beautiful Gallery at COA
Laura Wood piece in Chroma Show at COA
Sunny day Turtles everywhere
my first trip to Pocosin
puppy classmate Lily
Devins first meeting with Baxter
Baxters first long car trip
puppy classmate MAX
puppy classmate little Lily
Devin's new cat Bean
Cameron Village

the snow
the cat in the box
more snow
a necklace completed for the Chroma Show

1 comment:

  1. boy i know the feeling! hi betty - it's me, the lady who seems to make nothing but dachshund stuff at pullen. that necklace you made for the chroma show is fabu. hoping to pop in to the studio sometime soon for a quick chat and some soldering fun. - T