Wednesday, January 10, 2018

dec 2017, trying to start the ole blog up again. Last post of 2017.

Central Park near Strawberry Fields.
What a great trip. Saw so much art, jewelry, ate delicious food and walked, navigated subways. saw a play, enjoyed the Christmas store windows, decorations and the Rockerfeller
Plaza Christmas tree.

 3 of my favorite pieces done this year. New Years Eve always a good time to reflect. Mostly looking forward. New ideas and directions for my work and my everyday life.
That's about all that's left in my office. Starting 2018, I will be going to Sertoma Art Center everyday running a much smaller jewelry program. Mostly enameling, cold joining and alternative materials. I welcome the challenge, it will definitely be different. I have been working at Pullen for 20 years. I will miss being there but am excited about the new jewelry studio that will be the result of the renovation. I have been trying to teach myself enameling since that will be a focus of the new program.
This was hard to do,
a step up from sifting on a disc. Not sure what direction the enameling will go but I enjoy the process, the drawing, the color selecting, mostly the enamels are treated like gemstones set in my favorite design formats.

This painting by David Hockney is such a great color pallet. Always looking around for ideas and inspirations in this department.
 this was summer : Wrightsville Beach

fall : Shenandoah Valley
spring : New Orleans

Winter :NYC

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