Friday, January 15, 2021

see ya later 2020

Sunflower NCMA
Sertoma Eagle
Flowers entrance to Sertoma

Broadway NYC

huge event 23 year career comes to and end
which path to choose
so many options

new mantra keep moving and stay focused

Send off dinner for Edward to Oregon

Dog Walking Abbey Rd Style
Sunset at Wrightsville Beach

 Goodbye 2020

What a year, it started out so well for us. I curated and installed a jewelry show that was an accumulation of a years work from a group of jewelers 6x12=72 Jewelry Challenge. George had a show at the Horace Williams House in Chapel Hill such a success, from that we headed to NYC for a show George was in at the Painting Center. Best trip ever with brother and sister in law, Mary Beth and Leo.Saw a friend I hadn't seen since he was 10 and I was 20. Saw Hamilton on Broadway, saw great art and ate fabulous food and had new explorations in the city. including walking over the Brooklyn bridge and the, new to us, structure called the Vessel which was like being in an Escher print. Then came back to Raleigh to a highly awaited enamel workshop at Sertoma and George's participation in a group exhibit at the North Carolina Museum of Art. And then bam! Every thing came to a halt. And since then the year has been about introspection, reflection, fear and uncertainty. Not to mention isolation. I have spent way too much time on social media, and taken more photos, so many walks, honestly it has not been all bad. Except when you think about all the dire situations for so many people. The election and all the political press was a nightmare. We gave up out tv in July so we missed a lot of it but still could not escape or ignore the unrest in this country. One of my sons moved across country just in time for the fires. Thankfully both of them have stayed employed during all this upheaval. Totally decluttered my house, now that was a feat having lived here for 30 years. Had my 66th birthday and after much thought I decided to retire from my 23 year career at Pullen Art Center.

Mary Beth and me in front of Vessel NYC

So here I am ready to move forward into this new year. My focus will be my jewelry as a new self guided and self employed artist. Last day was a little sad. I loved my jobs  I will work part time 5-7 hrs a week in the jewelry studios at pullen and sertoma. I realized if not now, when? I look forward to exploring ideas and mindfully and selectively finding my inner voice and figuring out what to do with it. This just skims my thoughts, mostly I feel like I have really connected with people that are important to me, and have truly been grateful for my life, family and friends. So Happy New Year, here's hoping we are on the mend!

George and painting friends at Horace Williams House 


Thursday, May 28, 2020

Springtime in Raleigh

Pin cushion flower

Tuesday, January 7, 2020


Our first hike with our group 
Such a nice group Van Gogh Tours  Our picnic lunch
Such a fantastic trip Began in Avignon a charming medieval town within a wall. From there to explore a roman aqueduct and see a 2000 year old tree.I definitly feel in love with southern France.
the hikes ochre mine
we climbed to the top of that rock
timeless beauty in these countryside villages
 and the rocky architecture blending in the hillside


Strut . So proud of the outcome, All consuming, Hot Hot Summer.
On to new things, Dog Days. Quiet neighborhood, trips to the farmers market,trips to the beach. Lots of afternoon lounging. Jewelry making........ Going to Enamel conference. Priming for fall shows. Looking for that perfect idea and design for a limited production line. Planning for fall trip. Construction has begun at Pullen. Busy summer

Thursday, May 30, 2019

whew, that's all I can say.

This little cartoon became very important to me this year.  George suffered a very serious cardiac situation that forced us into future planning decision making, he retired, and suddenly our lives were supported with necessary medical intervention. You realize very quickly though your life as you know it has paused, life around you keeps on moving. Raleigh is growing like crazy, every where you look there is a construction site.
Finally getting home, from the hospital, the winter was cold and wet . Spring finally got here. Things became more normal. Work kept me grounded and it seemed like the little things were truly enough.
All the changes at home and work have been difficult for me to navigate.

I decided to set some goals for the year, a jewelry challenge helps me regroup, and the accountability keeps me focused. My goal was to make a body of work using my favorite tin. 5 months in and I'm trying new shapes and putting together some ideas I will be able to develop and replicate in other materials. I hope to see these colors and shapes in enameled pieces . There will be an exhibit of these pieces along with the other 5 Artists that are doing this challenge with me. 6x12=72

So all in all, I know how lucky George and I both are to have gotten through the first part of 2019. We are moving forward with things we weren't sure we would be able to do. He paints at Artspace daily, walks everywhere and started biking again..Im figuring out and finally settled in at Sertoma Art Center. Enjoyed a nice trip to the beach with family and pup. Baxter opted not to go.

Jojo's first swim in the sound, she is a natural, Dog walking in the neighborhood and on the many trails in the area remain a favorite activity.
Yep, taking charge and making decisions to enjoy the the ride.
Strut Show, my current obsession, probably the most involved event, I have done lately, started as an idea and grew into a reality, lots of team effort on this one.
Front yard reflecting , someone from Pullen gave me these Red Irises right before we closed, made me happy to see this bloom. Peering out through our maple tree. Grass is plenty green right here in my own front yard.

Life is good, lots of kind and supportive friends and family. A house full of animals and plenty of dreams and adventures to realize one day at a time.